Action Is The Antidote: Overcoming Overwhelm On The Limit Does Not Exist

Tired freelancer sleeping on her deak

Tired freelancer sleeping on her deak

Overwhelmed? The Limit Does Not Exist, a podcast dedicated to people with wide-ranging interests trying to do it all, is here to help. Hosts Cate Scott Campbell and Christina Wallace know about “overwhelm” intimately; as creatives working in several different fields, they know it can be hard to focus on one project when you have a lot of fires to fan. So on this episode, they discuss the many different ways being overwhelmed shows up in our lives and work, and how to use these feelings in a positive way, creating a road map to success and preventing burnout before it begins.

Being overwhelmed, Cate says, can feel “really this burning or drowning sensation...It feels like it can so quickly stop me in my tracks.” When they’re overwhelmed, they tell us, it can lead to panic, procrastination, or all-out paralysis – or finding themselves jumping from one item on their to-do list to another without ever completing anything. “ an easy way to feel like you're being active, like you're doing work,” Christina says, “but really you're just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.” But “giving into the overwhelm gives it authority,” so they want to share some of their best practices to help break the habit of giving into those anxious feelings that keep you from being productive. 

For example, Cate sometimes will sit down and think about all the steps required to complete whatever project she’s working on, a process she calls “backsolving,” so she can see clearly that she knows what she needs to do and the order she needs to do them in. “Also, really respect your process and use this as a learning tool: How do you work? What do you need to work best? And really honor that,” she says; even the time of day can be a clue into when you’re most productive and when you’re not. “Overwhelm hates action. And the paradox is that often a tiny action is enough.” Listen to this episode of The Limit Does Not Exist (maybe while you’re putting off something important) to discover more ways to use your overwhelm to your advantage, and keep it from stopping you in your tracks.

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