Immerse Yourself In New Narrative Podcast The Seventh Daughter

Vintage girl sitting in front of the camera

Vintage girl sitting in front of the camera

From the team who brought you the wildly popular Control Group comes a brand-new narrative podcast, The Seventh Daughter. This diabolical revenge thriller puts us in the early 20th century, visiting vaudeville halls, street corner medicine shows, tent revivals, occult rituals, and carnival fortune-tellers with the help of a rich, cinematic sound design and phenomenal voice cast (including 1970s pop icon and music video director Kevin Godley as the depraved cult leader Corbeau), as well as an inventive blend of original music with traditional tunes of the era. The mechanics and wild popularity of mentalism and magic tricks are explored, as well as deeper themes of power, agency, parenthood, and racial segregation.

Though famous figures like magician Harry Houdini and occult leader Aleister Crowley make appearances, the story is centered around a mysterious woman named Rose, and her ward, a shy convent girl named Pearl. Rose came to the convent professing to be an employee of Pearl’s father, there to take Pearl back to her family, but when they’re alone, it’s clear she isn’t all she says she is. Rose warns Pearl to always do exactly as she says at all times, no questions asked. “Disobey me, and I won’t hesitate to throw you to the dogs.” She isn’t lying; when she’s told in the first episode to “get back to the colored car” of the train, Rose goes to extreme lengths to manipulate the railroad, demonstrating that she isn’t afraid to hurt Pearl if she has to.

She starts to teach Pearl mentalism, having her perform séances and spirit summonings at medicine shows and in vaudeville halls for money. Soon, she begins to reveal her real plans for the girl: to confront an old enemy, a wealthy and depraved cult leader named Corbeau. But Pearl has more power than she realizes, and as it grows, she starts to get her own ideas of what her future should look like. Violence, indoctrination, betrayal, blood sacrifices, and deep family secrets all await Pearl and Rose down their path of revenge; who will come out on top? Binge on all ten episodes now to get the whole story of The Seventh Daughter and let this spellbinding mystery work its magic on you. 

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