Zach Braff & Donald Faison Relive The Best Fantasies In ‘Scrubs’ History

On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Zach Braff and Donald Faison give parenting advice to a listener, relive some great parties and some terrible hangovers, share personal trivia like whether or not Donald has a thigh gap, and talk about “one of the best fantasies in Scrubs history:” the gospel fantasy in the season one Christmas episode, “My Own Personal Jesus.” Donald remembers calling on some legendary inspiration for that scene, citing movies like Coming to America and comedians like Richard Pryor. “I remember that day genuinely cracking up,” Zach says. “Holy s**t, you are so good in this episode. And I’m not just saying it because I love you.”

They get excited seeing regular background characters pop up for the first time, like Colonel Doctor, and Zach loves Nurse Tisdale’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High homage. That sends them off on an 80’s movie tangent, discussing the many talents of Michael J. Fox: “Bill [Lawrence, Scrubs show creator] told me early on that one of the things he loved about Michael J. Fox on Spin City...was that he knew how long he could milk a pause before that punchline,” Zach says. They also say he has some of “the best running scenes in film history,” recalling great moments in Teen Wolf and Back to the Future, and get into why some movies have extensive reshoots, before Donald says, “Let’s get back to the episode, man!” 

There’s another fantasy in the Christmas episode, when J.D. acts like Fonzi from Happy Days. While shooting that, Zach reveals that he was not only hungover, but still buzzed, from going out partying the night before. “We’d be like, ‘We’re going to do one shot,’” Donald says, and Zach jumps in: “Hard cut to, at 6 in the morning we’re hammered in Orlando Jones’s pool!” They have no regrets, though. “To this day, that was one of the most epic nights,” Donald says; they were both young and new to Hollywood and getting to hang out with celebrities for the first time. “I was excited,” Zach laughs. “I felt like, ‘I’m living the Hollywood dream. I’m not waiting tables anymore. I’m partying with Orlando Jones and Donald Faison!’” 

They get into a lot more detail about the episode, geek out about more movies, do "millions of dollars' worth of free advertisement" for a small beer store in Illinois, and Zach reveals that he’s working on a screenplay (“Does it have any black people in it?” Donald asks); hear all this and more on this hilarious episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends

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