Scott Foley Forlornly Rides A Dolphin On ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends’

On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Zach Braff and Donald Faison welcome Scott Foley, star of Scrubs but also Felicity, Scandal, and Whiskey Cavalier. They reminisce about shooting Scrubs together, discuss Scott’s career, and talk about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the movie industry, the pain of having a show canceled, and how competitive creator Bill Lawrence is. But first they get into Felicity memories, because Donald was on that show with Scott for three seasons before Scrubs started. “You were completely out there. I remember not being able to hold it together when we were doing takes,” Donald says. And since J.J. Abrams ran that show, does Scott, like Donald, make it known that he wants to be considered for Star Wars parts? “J.J. knows just by the fact that I’m an actor that I’d like to be in Star Wars,” Scott laughs. But just in case, “every time he signs on to do a new one, I send him a text.”

The Scrubs episode introducing Scott, “My Way or the Highway,” is “particularly f**king funny,” Zach says, because of Sarah Chalke’s and Scott’s awkward, sexually charged encounters – especially when they flirt about poop. There’s also a whole West Side Story-inspired dance number in the hallway, and Scott loves Zach and Donald’s ballad on the fire escape. “That smile you had on your face, Zach, that you were unable to hide, made me rewind it two or three times,” Scott laughs. Zach knows it: “I had a Phantom of the Opera beach towel hanging on my wall as a child,” he says. “This was me living my best life. Someone was paying me well to hold Donald and sing musical theater to him.” They all feel that this show was so special because the writing team was so great and they got to do so many funny, ridiculous bits. “The things I got to do on this show are still some of the highlights of my career,” Scott says, like in season three when he “forlornly rides a dolphin.”

Then a fan from Australia named Jenny joins to ask them what advice they’d give their younger selves. “I was more interested in what came after work than what came with work….I wish I could have been more present when it came to doing my job back then,” Donald says. Zach would tell himself to cherish his time more. He took for granted how unusual it was for a whole cast and crew to be friends in real life, for the scripts to be genuinely funny all the time, how much he enjoyed his job everyday. “It took me so many years to realize that this was a diamond in the rough,” he says. Scott felt uptight and nervous at the time, he remembers, so he’d tell himself to relax. “I was young and wanted to be successful and was working towards a goal, but at some point you have to stop and smell the flowers,” he says. “Be more like Donald.” Listen to this episode to hear more Scrubs memories, find out why Dr. Cox hated Hugh Jackman so much, and a lot more on Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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