Covid Can't Ruin These Creative Vacation Ideas On 'How To Money'

The coronavirus pandemic, beyond disrupting our regular lives and work schedules, has also resulted in graduations, proms, wedding ceremonies, concerts, festivals, and summer vacations being cancelled or indefinitely postponed. But burnout is very real, and especially in the high-stress, high-tension environment of quarantine, it’s really important that we take time off to rest and recharge – it’s better for our health and for our overall productivity, too. So on this episode of How To Money, Matt and Joel go through lots of inspiring ideas for ways to get creative about your vacation plans so you can still have a great time with your family, get some much-needed R&R, stay safe and healthy, and even save some money, too.

First of all, decide if a trip is really what you’re looking for. Sometimes we just want a change to our routine, and there are a lot of ways to do that right from home. Joel’s family invested in an affordable, inflatable pool; many of Matt’s neighbors have bought outdoor movie screens to put a fun spin on family movie night. But many of us are pretty sick of our houses after months of lockdown measures, so a trip might be the best answer after all. Americans can’t fly to many places overseas right now, and getting on a plane or dealing with the airport might not be very tempting to many of us anyway. So Matt and Joel encourage us to first explore locally. There are probably a lot of hidden gems much closer to our backyards than we realized, and now is the best time in the world to get out and explore them. Day trips are a good idea, too; likely there are several small-town destinations within a few hours' driving distance that will be easier, cheaper, and safer to visit than big cities. Or even a longer road trip in your family car or a rented RV could be a good answer if you’re looking for a more expansive trip – and fortunately, gas prices are at a 15-year low, so it won’t hurt our wallets too badly. 

As for where to go in that car or RV, the guys suggest nature as the ultimate destination: State or national parks are beautiful and interesting to explore, and being outdoors is much safer than being indoors, so health worries will be back-of-mind as you enjoy fresh air and scenic panoramas. They also point out that camping is one of the safest things you can do right now – second only to checking your mail – and it’s also one of the most economical options, costing way less than multiple airfares or hotel rooms would. The most important thing to remember is to “challenge yourself to look outside what you normally do,” Matt says, and “don’t let Covid ruin your plans.” Listen to this episode for more safe, economical, creative, and fun ways to spend your summer on How To Money.

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