Sarah Chalke Is Back On 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends'

On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, “America’s favorite Canadian” Sarah Chalke joins Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and their producers Joelle and Danl to talk about the Scrubs season three episode “My Own American Girl,” as well as outboard motors, their backgrounds in theatre, the best series finales in television history, the self-contained world of French-Canadian films, embarrassing pranks, cashmere Juicy jogger sets, and Sarah’s $7,000 dog, before high school theatre teacher Adam calls in to delight them all with the story about the time he staged the Scrubs musical episode with his students, arranging all the music himself.

Zach says the first thing he noticed about this episode is that he’d gotten “a little tubbins” over the hiatus, as if he thought since the show was a hit at that point, he could do whatever he wanted. They all were cocky coming back, because they had heard all the stars of Will and Grace were gifted with Porsche Boxsters when their show became a hit, but they didn’t get anything because creator Bill Lawrence blew all their extra budget on a U2 song. “We were all like, ‘Greeeeat, ‘cause Bono really needs a new house,’” Zach jokes. So he bought himself a Nissan sports car, but “unbeknownst to me, Bill had the props department put a California license plate on that said ‘TVDOC’ on it,” he remembers; he didn’t notice it for over a week. “So embarrassing!” 

Adam’s story about staging the Scrubs musical episode makes them all reminisce over their high school theatre days; Zach did a lot of plays and theatre outside of school, but was too self-conscious to do the school plays. Sarah did high school theatre, even though she’s tone-deaf; she remembers when her sister refused a part in a musical because Sarah didn’t get cast, so the directors offered Sarah a part just to get her sister to accept. She was in the background, all in black, with no lines, “and I was in heaven,” she laughs. Donald’s parents were actors and active in the National Black Theatre in Harlem, so he grew up in theatre. “If you were in New York and you weren’t trying to do plays, then you weren’t really trying to be an actor, because that’s all there was,” Donald points out. Zach reminds us that there is, in fact, a Scrubs musical in development for Broadway; then they help fix Adam’s life by talking about ways to stay sane in the pandemic. Plus, all the different ways TV shows find to curse, their favorite British sayings, and the time Roseanne Barr inadvertently saved Sarah from a wrongful diagnosis; hear the whole hilarious conversation on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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Photo: Getty Images