The Oreo Doomsday Vault & More Strange News

On this episode of Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know, Ben Bowlin, Noel Brown, and Matt Frederick share the strange news they’ve spotted over the week and break down the weirdness within, including a woman who impersonated a prosecutor and dropped her own charges, the city-wide exorcisms that took place in Portland and San Francisco recently, and the vault that will store packages of Oreos – complete with powdered milk – deep underground, as well as the secret recipe. This was in response to the meteor that came close to hitting Earth on Nov. 3; the Oreo social media team saw someone on Twitter wondering what would happen to the Oreos in case the meteor wiped out the United States, and the Oreo Doomsday Vault – and brilliant marketing ploy – was born.

Most of the nation experienced Black Lives Matter protests and marches over the past few months in response to police brutality and the need for police reform. In response, at least in two cities, archbishops led city-wide exorcisms to expel evil from the entire metropolis. In Portland, an archbishop led a procession of 200 people to a city park and conducted, in Latin, a major exorcism rite – meaning the Vatican had signed off on the exorcism. They talk about exorcisms being on the rise over the past few years, as well as the Pope institute where priests go to learn exorcism rites; classes include demonology and angelogy, demonic diagnosis, psychology of demons, and more. And if we can bless entire cities, they wonder, can’t we just exorcise the entire planet while we’re at it? 

Finally, they talk about Lisa Landon, who was facing drug possession and stalking charges in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Prosecutors were surprised to learn they had dropped the charges against Lisa while they were still preparing a case against her. Come to find out, Lisa had impersonated a prosecutor, hacked into their system, and dropped her own charges. “We hear all the time about how local government databases and interfaces aren’t as secure as they should be, and this is proof,” Ben says. They get into the ROI of bank robberies, tell us about the Global Seed Vault, ponder the consequences of a meteor, and so much more; hear all the strange news you might have missed on Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know.

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Photo: Getty Images