Gabrielle Carteris, Tori Spelling, & Jennie Garth Talk '90210' Memories

On this episode of 90210MG, Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, and Sisanie Villaclara sit down with Gabrielle Carteris to reminisce about the original 90210 as well as the part-reboot, part-reality BH90210 series they did together in 2019; plus, whether Gabrielle thinks her character, Andrea Zuckerman, should have ended up with Brandon, how much the industry has changed in 25 years, what it was like being one of the older cast members, and the moment on set that cemented her real-life friendship with Jason Priestley. “When I first started on 90210 I was petrified,” she recalls. “I couldn’t remember my lines, I felt like I was going to pass out, I was freaked out, and Jason took me aside and said, ‘This is your time. Just take your time and get through it.’ He was so sweet to me.”

Gabrielle was playing a 16-year-old, but she was 29 at the time; she had lied about her age to get the audition. She remembers thinking she was going to get fired when a reporter at People magazine told her they were going to post her real age, but the show had already started to take off, so she wasn’t. The combination of being older than most of her fellow castmates, and the protective instincts that were activated when everyone started getting famous very quickly, led to Gabrielle feeling isolated during that time. “I felt not pretty enough, not in enough,” she admits. “It was really exciting and it was really hard.” So getting back together for BH90210 was sort of healing for everyone: “We all talked about stuff...we were living as a healthy family,” Gabrielle says. 

Perhaps some other aspects of the show led to her feeling isolated as well, though: She talks about the studio calling her and telling her she was no longer allowed to wear her Jewish star jewelry on the air, because “Middle America doesn’t want to see it” – despite the fact that she was a Jewish actress playing a Jewish character. “And I said, ‘Oh really? ‘Cause if I have to take off my Jewish star, then everyone else has to take off their crosses.’” Another time, her character “had a black boyfriend, the nicest guy, but I was not allowed to touch him,” Gabrielle remembers. She tried to put her arm around him, and they told her again that “Middle America doesn’t want to see it.” Tori objects, “It wasn’t middle America, it was the networks!” and Gabrielle agrees: “It was all older white guys who wanted the status quo, what was safe.” They get into all this and much more; hear the entire conversation on this episode of 90210MG.

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Photo: Getty Images