Chest Hairs & Emotional Affairs On '90210MG'

On this episode of 90210MG, Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, and Sisanie Villaclara talk about the season one episode “The 17 Year Itch,” going through everything from Cindy and Jim Walsh’s relationship (and Jim’s hairy chest!), if they think Cindy actually had an affair with the photographer Glenn, their own PTSD from paparazzi (and the time Jennie shut one down and deleted all his pictures), if Brenda was obsessed with older guys, the two other characters Denise Dowse played before she was introduced as Mrs. Teasley, and how weird it is that Jim was supposed to be into poetry. Plus, Sisanie talks about what it’s like to have real-life fraternal twins (they’re even a boy and a girl, and yes, she did consider naming them Brandon and Brenda), and of course the fashion gets a good once-over too.

They all think the episode wasn’t well-timed; the parents hadn’t had their own storyline yet, and people hadn’t had a chance to “fall in love with Jim,” so he ended up looking like a jerk and “nobody was rooting for him.” Plus, Glenn was “tall and handsome” so they could understand why Cindy was tempted – even though it’s weird that he was in the bushes taking pictures. “If it was a Lifetime movie he would have turned out to be the killer,” Tori says. None of them think Cindy actually slept with Glenn, though they did share “a juicy kiss.” They debate whether emotional or physical affairs are worse, but conclude that they both suck. And Jennie felt for Brenda: When her mother and father separated, her mother was trying to date again and brought home a “friend” for Jennie to meet. “I’ve never been meaner to another person in my life,” she says. “You get territorial.” 

Donna auditioning to be the school DJ was “the highlight of the episode,” Sisanie says – but Tori refuses her request to recreate her rap song. Jennie wonders about “the intention” of her hairdo at the art gallery and says it reminds her of her hairdo from her second wedding (“The one I told you not to do,” Tori reminds her). And they wonder which character they relate to most watching the show now: Tori says Brenda, so far; Jennie’s “always said Andrea, I just love that character;” but Sisanie says she’d be Dylan McKay, hands down. “I want to be a mysterious, unpredictable heartthrob,” she laughs. Listen to the episode for more 90210 goodness, from their favorite lines to their favorite looks, on 90210MG.

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Photo: Getty Images