Heather Graham Talks 'Scrubs' & Learns About The Buss It Challenge

Heather Graham joins Zach Braff and Donald Faison on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends to talk about playing Molly Clock on the season four premiere of Scrubs. But as usual, the fun really begins when they go off onto other, unrelated topics, like what they’re currently binge-watching, new Internet trends, upcoming Broadway shows, fitness, what it was like for Donald to meet the Sugarhill Gang (“they’re like royalty!”), a whole tangent about pornography, and the lengths other actors will go to in the audition room to throw you off your game. Then Alex and Brittany call from Georgia to talk about cheating exes, Southern accents, the Pfizer vaccine, Zach’s girlfriend Florence Pugh, the dating game, and much more.

Dr. Cox’s hatred for Hugh Jackman, often remarked on by Scrubs fans, was apparently written in because creator Bill Lawrence thought Dr. Cox would be jealous of how great Hugh is at everything. And he really is, Donald and Zach agree; Zach is looking forward to his upcoming Broadway appearance in The Music Man alongside superstar dancer Sutton Foster. Donald isn’t sure she’s such a superstar if she hasn’t done the “Buss It challenge” from TikTok, which he demonstrates for Zach and Heather in his closet while Zach muses, “I never thought I’d be watching twerk videos with Heather Graham, but here we are.” Then he says once they run out of Scrubs episodes, he and Donald will do Buss It video reviews, much to Donald’s amusement, who wonders how their significant others would react to that. “You guys have not changed very much,” Heather observes. 

They get to talking about auditioning, which is all done with tapes now instead of in-person, even before the pandemic. Zach likes it because you can work with your audition a little more, rather than having to nail it in one go with no direction. “There’s such a high, though, when you know you’ve killed it,” he admits. But none of them really miss it; waiting your turn while listening to someone else crush it “is so horrible,” Heather says, and Zach remembers all the stuff other actors would do to try to distract you, like starting conversations so you can’t study the lines. “I remember one kid who came out of the room and was wiping away tears and he’s just like, ‘Break a leg, guys.’ And we’re all shuffling through our sides like, ‘Where’s the crying scene?’” Zach laughs. Turns out the guy could just cry on cue! Hear the whole hilarious conversation with Heather Graham on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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