Don’t Miss Out – Bliss Out With 6 New Podcasts

Ah, FOMO: that haunting feeling that someone, somewhere, is having fun without us. It’s that creeping chill that has made plenty of us attend events we never wanted to go to, sit through movies we thought were stupid, and buy something we didn’t need, all because we thought we might be missing out on something great. And now we’ve got FOMO again, except for podcasts. With so many hundreds of new shows, topics, guests, and hosts out there, how can we be sure we aren’t missing out on that perfect podcast? Well, we’re here to help with this list of six under-the-radar new releases you may have missed. Whether you’re looking for the latest celebrity gossip, some solutions to your Covid fatigue, heartwarming family stories, in-depth biographies and investigations, or a breakdown of the many problems with Momstagram, these six podcasts can fill your heart (and your ears) with all the joy of a new favorite show. So don’t miss out – bliss out with these six new releases.

This in-depth biography series by music journalist Jordan Runtagh brings to life one iconic musician over the course of a season, laying out their life and legacy with meticulous research, vivid storytelling, and personal interviews with the people who knew them best. This season, Jordan’s diving into David Bowie, from his boyhood to his personas to his sexual partners and everything in between. He not only exquisitely details the events of David’s life, but also breaks down the music with just as much attention, providing a rich look into both the man and the art. Off the Record should definitely be on your list.

Jim Duncan, a Black man from Lancaster, South Carolina, was the top kickoff return man in the NFL and a rising star with the Baltimore Colts in 1970. Two years later, Jim would die inside his hometown police station: authorities told his family Jim had taken the gun off an officer and shot himself with it. “Most people didn’t believe that story,” Jim’s brother says. Now, reporter and fellow South Carolinian Bret McCormick is trying to find closure on a story that seems all-too-current. If you like sports or true crime, Longshot: Return Man will keep you riveted until the very end.

Living in “unprecedented times” for so long is incredibly stressful no matter who you are, and that stress can take a lot of forms. Dr. Gail Saltz, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry, psychoanalyst, and best-selling author, knows how tough things have been – so she just wants to ask, How Can I Help. She answers your questions and provides helpful guidance whether you’re dealing with anxiety or depression, parenting or relationship issues, weird workplace dynamics, Covid fatigue, loneliness, problems sleeping, and much more. Let Dr. Gail restore some much-needed mental health and harmony with this podcast.

Rita and Ellin think that after the year we’ve all had, there’s nothing we need more than a grandmother. So they give everyone access to the loving, opinionated, and hilarious Jewish grandmothers we all deserve on their podcast Call Your Grandmother, hosting hysterical and heartwarming conversations between different grandmothers and their favorite grandkids about Chuck E. Cheese, an encounter with Eleanor Roosevelt, what they miss from their childhoods (“Being young! Ha!”), a very special Yonkers bathroom, Hugh Jackman (“Now he knows I’m 87. Thanks a lot!”), and so much more. Ain’t love grand(mothers)?

Mom and journalist Jo Piazza takes a deep dive into the Mom Internet, a seemingly endless landscape of parenting tips from Instagram influencers posting pictures of angelic newborns next to artful lattes in spotless kitchens, wearing cloth diapers that never seem to leak. Behind all this careful curation is a LOT of money, and from it comes a lot of frazzled and unhappy moms who feel like they must be doing it all wrong. If you’re a mom yourself, or you just love to plumb the mysteries of social media, join Jo as she tries to figure out how to parent Under the Influence.

People magazine has the celebrity access you crave, so why not listen to the podcast and get that access everyday? People writers and editors break down pop culture headlines, from Harry and Meghan’s new baby to Justin Timberlake’s apology to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson to how Kanye West is handling life without Kim Kardashian, before sitting down for in-depth interviews with huge stars like Queen Latifah, Shaquille O’Neal, Angela Bassett, William Shatner, Tiffany Haddish and so many more. If you love celebrity tea, People Every Day is where it gets spilled.

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