Parties, Peer Pressure, & Practice Kissing On '90210MG'

On this episode of 90210MG, Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, and Sisanie Villaclara break down the fashion, best lines, and themes of the Beverly Hills, 90210 episode “BYOB,” when Donna Martin hosts a party while her parents are away. They talk about how much fun it is to shoot a party scene, but also get into peer pressure, teen drinking, their own kids and parenting styles, the sideburns, Donna’s inappropriate high school outfits, Jim Walsh’s “hair sweater,” Tori’s turtleneck hatred, the time Ian Ziering got Jennie to practice a kiss with him, the “alter egos” they all have when they go out drinking, and more – plus answer a few questions from fans.

They feel sorry for Brenda, always being picked on by her parents as the less mature, more volatile twin, but also bemoan her “rookie move” of going to kiss her mother goodnight after a night of illicit drinking. Tori remembers that her mother would “always be in the kitchen, making a snack or something” when she got home from nights out like it was a total coincidence, “but I knew she was clocking the way I was walking, everything.” So she knew well to go immediately upstairs and brush her teeth! But Jennie says she makes her teenage girls give her a kiss before bed when they’ve been out because she knows all the tricks. They all agree it would be horrible to get a phone call from jail to go pick up their underage son for drunk driving; Jennie says she would probably call Tori if she ever got arrested, but Tori says, “You know I never answer my phone! They better give you one text!” 

Tori laughs at the “literally just a black bra and open jean shirt” combo that Donna wears, calling it “inappropriate” for a high school girl and saying that thankfully “the largest black headband in the world” was capable of distracting people from her underage boobs. Dylan and Brandon’s sideburns “have their own fan club,” but Jennie thinks her love of hairy men came from Jim Walsh sitting in the Jacuzzi in Palm Springs: “You could braid that!” Plus, a sneaky kiss between Andrea and Brandon, why Tori can be seen eating chicken wings in the background, how their teenage selves would have handled social media, and much more on this episode of 90210MG.

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Photo: Getty Images