Bethenny Frankel Remembers Her Days As Paris Hilton’s Nanny

On this episode of This Is Paris, Paris Hilton and her co-host Hunter talk to Bethenny Frankel. Before she was a Real Housewife, a businesswoman, and a philanthropist, Bethenny was actually Paris and Nicky Hilton’s nanny! She reminisces about Paris as a child – “Paris always wanted to go to the pet store to get ferrets, and Nicky always wanted to go to Rampage to get clothes,” she laughs – and they get into parenting, business, and beauty talk as well. Plus, Bethenny’s surprising skill on roller skates, why she did reality TV (and how Paris feels about her mother joining the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), her disaster relief non-profit, and much more.

Bethenny had several jobs before she became the big name she is today: Besides nannying for Paris and Nicky, she wrapped presents at Kathy Hilton’s store and worked at Jerry Bruckheimer’s house. She was broke when she accepted the job with Real Housewives of New York after being offered a little over $7,000 for the season. “I had nothing, I didn’t have anything to lose. And I really wanted to be something and do something,” she says. But after a while, the arguments and drama and constant charity dinners started to wear thin. “In the beginning none of us really knew what it was – now people have these preconceived notions.” Fortunately, she has her own brands and businesses to focus on now, including her disaster relief charity Be Strong, which has distributed more than $80 million in aid in three years all over the world. “We don’t screw around,” she says. “Hurricanes could still be hitting a place and we’re on the ground.” 

Any advice for others who want to build a brand? Good old-fashioned hard work, Bethenny says: “It’s astounding how many people want shortcuts to success….You can’t imagine how far you can go….with old-school hard work.” Then it’s time for Paris’s "Seven Sliving Questions," where Bethenny reveals her top beauty secrets, tells the story of her first kiss, gushes about her little dogs, and talks about the time she had to do a cartwheel on roller skates to get into a nightclub called Halo; you’ll be saying “loves it” through this entire interview on this episode of This Is Paris.

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Photo: Getty Images