Happiness Is A Hot Dog With Dave Grohl On 'Minnie Questions'

Minnie Driver sits down with Dave Grohl to ask him her seven Minnie Questions, designed to get to know people’s true personalities. Minnie has been friends with Dave since 1998, when they met at a Versace fashion show. The Foo Fighters played live; Minnie was dressed all in white, and “Dave said I looked like Ziggy Stardust’s dental hygienist,” she laughs. With Dave as a guest, there are a lot more great stories like that one to come: His bandmate John getting cold one night, draping Dave’s jacket over a heater to sleep on, and waking up on fire; Dave’s 700-mile detour to go to Pantera’s strip club, only to be turned away at the door; the time a psychic in Australia told him he was in contact with aliens; the absolute best way to enjoy a bucket of KFC; and so much more.

Minnie asks what experience he’s had that altered his life the most, and he says it’s when he saw Naked Raygun live when he was 13. “I was in this dark bar that smelled like bleach and beer,” he remembers, “and my chest was against the stage and their sweat was on me and their spit was on me and I was getting thrown around….and I was like, ‘This is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life.’” He talks about going to jazz clubs with his mother and how their relationship defined love for him. “If you become an artist, typically love is your greatest muse….that foundation is laid by your first example of love, and that usually comes from your parents.” He remembers asking her once if she ever felt peer pressure growing up in Ohio in the 1940s. “She said, ‘I never really compared myself to anyone else.’ And I thought that is the greatest nugget of wisdom my mother has ever dropped into my stocking.” 

Minnie asks what his last meal would be, and he has two answers. One is blue crabs, served the Chesapeake Bay way: Dumped onto newspapers, seasoned with Old Bay, and enjoyed “with about 47 beers.” The other is a bucket of KFC with a nice cold bottle of champagne. “I’m like a raccoon in a dumpster,” he laughs. “Bones flying….trust me, it’s good.” It gets real when she asks him what good thing has happened for him that came from personal disaster: “The Foo Fighters,” he says simply. “When we started the band, the foundation was this continuation of life….it’s always been not just an anchor, but a home….I don’t know where I would be or who I would be without it.” Plus, the times he’s been happiest, the wallet he lost that he got back ten years later, the simple joy of eating hot dogs and watching Dumb and Dumber (“AGAIN!”), and so much more; enjoy the entire fascinating interview on Minnie Questions.

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Photo: Getty Images