Katie Couric Talks Cancer, Reality TV, & More With Her BFF Paris Hilton

On this episode of This Is Paris, Paris Hilton and her co-host Hunter interview the ultimate interviewer, Katie Couric. Katie and Paris are surprisingly really good friends; Katie has known Paris’s fiancé Carter Reum for years, and they all hung out together at a tech conference in Las Vegas. “I love that Paris just embraces who she is and what she likes,” Katie says. “She’s totally Paris.” They talk about relationships, Katie’s best beauty tips, her no-makeup photo shoot for PEOPLE, why she wanted to meet Spencer Pratt, the incredible work her foundation Stand Up To Cancer has been doing, and why it’s so important to normalize colonoscopies to aid in early detection of colorectal cancer (inspiring Hunter to vow to not only get one, but to bring a GoPro so he can share the whole experience with the world).

While telling Hunter how she met Paris, Katie starts talking about how hard it can be for a relationship when one partner is more famous than the other. “It’s important for Carter to know he’s important too,” she tells Paris. “They’re not just there to hold the camera.” Katie compliments Paris’s bravery in testifying about the abuse she suffered at the Provo Canyon School in Utah; recently, her testimony helped pass a state law requiring more government oversight at youth treatment centers. “I’ve never felt more empowered in my life,” Paris says, “to have used my voice and made a difference and to know that everything that happened to me as a teenager would be illegal today.” Speaking of power, they also talk about the millions of dollars Katie has raised for cancer awareness and research, and how that work honors her late husband and sister, who both lost their battles with cancer. “I really hope that our research contributes better therapies that can keep people around and help them live long and productive lives, the way my husband and sister weren’t able to.” 

Of course Katie has to answer Paris’s “Seven Sliving Questions,” like the craziest rumor she’s ever heard about herself, what her “spirit animal” is, and her top three bucket list items (besides curing cancer). Plus, when she’ll feel comfortable going gray, why Paris thinks Spencer Pratt was probably playing a character on reality TV, why Katie thinks gratitude and curiosity are the best beauty secrets, and so much more; hear the entire fascinating interview on this episode of This Is Paris.

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Photo: Getty Images