Bebe Rexha On Her New Album, Hollywood Friendships, & Italian Food

2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards - Backstage

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Paris Hilton sits down with Bebe Rexha on this episode of This Is Paris, and even though Bebe’s been up since 3 a.m. promoting her new album, Better Mistakes, she knows this interview is the best way to end her day because she and Paris are such good friends. Thanks to that relationship, we get an unvarnished interview with both women talking about dating and success in Hollywood, women lifting each other up, how hard it is to make new friends, how important their moms are to them, and their favorite music festival experiences. Plus, Paris asks her “seven sliving questions” to find out Bebe’s first (and current) celebrity crushes, her top beauty secret (which is something anyone can afford), why hummingbirds are so special to her, and every detail about her first (and worst) kiss.

Bebe tells Paris that her mother was really instrumental in her success; she’s Albanian, and her parents married young in an arranged marriage when her mother was 17. “When I was younger there were literally guys trying to take my hand in marriage,” she says. But her mother said no to an early marriage for Bebe. She also “would do things like save up money for me, like five hundred bucks to get me into the studio….she’s the only reason I’m here right now,” she says. Paris can understand that: Her mother had her very young as well, and she knows what it’s like to have a mom who’s growing up alongside you. “We made mistakes with each other….but she’s just been trying her best,” Bebe agrees. “She’s kind of my worst critic, but also my number one cheerleader.” 

After getting them both hungry by talking about her favorite pasta recipe and the fudgy brownies she learned to make during quarantine, Paris asks Bebe her “seven sliving questions,” getting into the really important stuff like Bebe’s worst date and her current celebrity crush – helping us learn things about her like she didn’t have her first kiss until 23, if her mom doesn’t like a boy “they’re DONE,” the date who took off his shirt in a fancy restaurant for no discernible reason, the craziest rumor she’s heard about herself (“That I got my ass done. It’s not done. It’s called ‘eating food’”), her top beauty secret (“Cut all the as**oles out of your life and you’ll have less wrinkles”), and so much more. Learn all about Bebe Rexha in this intimate conversation on This Is Paris.

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