House Parties, Hot Moms, & Flirty Vibes On 'Drama Queens'

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On this episode of Drama Queens, Hilarie Burton Morgan, Bethany Joy Lenz, and Sophia Bush are diving into season one, episode four of One Tree Hill, “Crash Into You.” They officially form their Barbara Alyn Woods Fan Club because of how great (and hot) Deb is, they love the parenting Keith displays, and they can’t help marveling over James Lafferty’s acting, because he made Nathan such a jerk but also so vulnerable. They also recall a photo shoot in a trash dump none of them enjoyed, and Hilarie sighs over the classic Comet Peyton drove, wishing she had bought it when she had the chance. Plus, does anyone know how many times they crashed that car? Also, which of them would be most likely to elope to Las Vegas, what advice they’d give their characters if they were their parents, and all their favorite places to visit in Wilmington.

None of them played ‘Never Have I Ever’ in high school, and Joy isn’t even sure she went to a house party as a teenager. “I had very 80s parenting: Here’s a stick, there’s your bike, go outside and play,” she laughs. Sophia went to some parties that her and her friend’s boyfriend would throw “and we felt so cool,” she remembers, “and really everyone was just standing around staring at each other wondering who was going to talk first!” Hilarie says everything in Virginia was house parties, any excuse; but she was a “clean teen” so she remembers “having a very Haley/Nathan conversation” with her boyfriend when she caught him trying to smuggle alcohol into one party through the basement window. “Now watching this episode I'm like, ‘Why are all the lights on? This is a lame party,’” she laughs. 

They all definitely picked up on some “vibes” between Peyton and Haley, as if they were flirting a little bit; Hilarie says she was “enamored” of Joy herself, so maybe that came through a little. Sophia knows what she means, saying she couldn’t tell if Brooke “wanted to be Peyton or if she wanted to date her.” They felt like that scene was truly a teenage experience in a nutshell. “It’s messy because you are a young person trying to figure out what attraction means,” Sophia points out. “As an adult, I'm attracted to the brains and the intellects and the spirits of all my friends….but when you’re a teenager, a crush is a crush is a crush. You don’t know the difference of what makes you drawn to a person.” They’re glad they were representing curiosity and a sense of finding yourself, because even though they acknowledge the show is “very binary,” they still have people come up to them and tell them their sexuality felt represented on the show anyway. Because like it or not, TV sometimes teaches kids what love and romance is supposed to look and feel like, Joy says. “Was it Pride and Prejudice for you, Joy?” Hilarie teases. “The Princess Bride,” Joy admits. “Could my expectations be any higher?” Hear all their character breakdowns and behind-the-scenes memories on this episode of Drama Queens.

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